featuring a host of highly rated local artists….

“Weary souls wandering through the night have been said to come upon a sleepless city. A city where one life shall endure – the life of the party……Behold the RagCity Festival.”

The festival for unsigned and unrecognised artists. The festival came about when a group of musicians called Ragwormers was fed up with how difficult it was to find an audience, places to play, and opportunities to showcase their tirelessly refined music. In an effort to bridge this gap for themselves, as well as a huge array of artists in similar situations, they created RAGCITY 2. It aims to bring new opportunities to talented and criminally underplayed musicians, groups, and artists as well as a platform, from which they can display their craft.

Rag City 2 2022

It’s the second festival hosted by the team, now known as Ragwormers Intense Events, and features over 30 fantastic, unsigned and unrecognised international artists. Hosted in Damerham near Fordingbridge in Hampshire at South Allenford Farm, a small village in the New Forest. It is set to be 3 days of pure music pleasure and we hope everyone can show support for the artists and musicians that have been struggling for so long, following the recent events of the pandemic.

With everything going on in the world at the moment it’s now time, more than ever, that musicians and performers do what they do best and bring joy to people once again.

The Ragwormers are a band and an events company “R.I.E”. As an organisation they aim to be the biggest promoters of unsigned and unrecognised artists around. Their aim is to provide a platform for artists to show off their craft, to draw attention to new creatives, and to provide the people of this world with something to enjoy. At their events, there’s a little something for everyone. It’s time that you found your inner worm.

Rag City 2 2022

Line Up
Friday – Main stage
4pm – 5pm Becoming Branches
5pm – 6pm Beach Hotel Band
6pm – 7pm Misha & Merry men
7pm – 8pm The Few
8pm – 9pm South Coast Casino
9pm – 10:30pm Soulhole
10:30 – 1:00am – DJs Hydden // Freak

Main stage
12pm – 1pm Wesley Bennett
1pm – 2pm Alphalfa
2pm – 3pm Sixteen string jack
3pm – 4pm Lotusbliss
4pm – 5pm The Curst Sons
5pm – 6pm Happy Cry
6pm – 7pm Capulus
7pm – 8pm Missing Digit
8pm – 9pm BHE
9pm – 10:30pm Ragwormers

Acoustic Stage / DJ Mini Room
12pm -1pm Lost Dice – YES
1pm – 2pm TBA
2pm – 3pm Basic Wyches
3pm – 4pm Rooster Tooth
4pm – 5pm Nia Nichols
5pm – 6pm Jack Rideout
6pm – 7pm Marnie Mags
7pm – 8pm Francis Lion
8pm – 9pm – DJ Smazzle
9pm – 10:30pm DJ Switch Frequency
10:30pm- 1am DJ Ibudofen

Acoustic Stage/ DJ Mini Room
12pm – 1pm TBA
1pm – 2pm TBA
2pm – 3pm TBA
3pm – 4pm Katie Waygood
4pm – 5pm Okay, Bye
5pm – 6pm Harry Skinner
6pm – 7pm Henry Praulins
7pm – 8:30pm DJ Josslyn
8:30pm – 10pm DJ Salmon
10pm – 12pm DJ Krafda

Weekender Tickets £55
Day Tickets £35

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Time & Location
01 Jul, 12:00 – 03 Jul, 12:00
RAGCITY 2 – 2022, South Allenford Farm, Fordingbridge, SP6 3JW