Hightown Parade return on 27th May with their new brand new majestic single “Monarchy”. The track is a self-produced rousing rock anthem full of Guitar riffs, driving time signatures, and an empowering lyrical call to arms. Their previous releases includes “Choose” and “Silhouette”, both gained multiple plays from Kerrang and Planet Rock radio stations. Monarchy is set to be the first of a string of releases to come out this year. The band feels that they sit amongst the new revolution of new Rock/Pop artists such as Yungblud, Cassyette, and Crawlers with one foot in the Rock past and one in the future.

Hightown Parade

Front Man Chris Payn explains “Monarchy is about taking the reins to achieve, individually, whatever you want to achieve and be whatever you want to be; taking the power back from anyone who tries to overrule that desire”. The track brings back the much-needed rousing rock anthem with deep meaningful and relevant lyrics with atmospheric Brian May style riffs, coupled with big pronounced rhythmic patterns. This along with a huge vocal performance and stirring stadium stimulating chorus. A song that shows generous amounts of enthusiasm of the past greats Queen, Prince, Meatloaf; with an arousing eye on where the future of rock is taking us. We cannot forget the past, but we also need to realize there is a future and we need to evolve to survive. Hightown Parade have only just begun its journey and these songs are just the start of a much bigger picture

Hightown Parade

Another lost figurine
Head held high like a Queen
As if they dream about it
They’re all forced to believe
All their pain isn’t real
They live without the doubt

We take it in our hands
We’re taking back our future
Cus they don’t understand
This song is all we have
And all we’re gonna be
We are the monarchy

All the powers that be
All wrapped up in their dreams
Will fall from ivory towers
They’re all drowned in their greed
They’re all numb to the feeling
Of how hard they hit the street

Their reign will never last
They’re raining down around us
Cus they don’t understand
This song is all we have
And all we’re gonna be
We are the monarchy

So it’s off with their heads
Don’t let them go to waste
It’s not the end
We’re just hiding in the glare
Of their headlights

We are the monarchy
We are the monarchy

Woh oh oh oh oh
Oh yeah (X4)

And they all rain down

Hightown Parade are
Chris Payn – Lead Vocals/Guitar
Sam Churches – Guitar
Io Kaloudi – Bass
Zoot Hill-Valler – Drums


Hightown Parade