3CD Box celebrating 20 years of NFD’s history

Requiems From The Abyss is a 3CD Box celebrating 20 years of Goth Rock band NFD’s history. The boxset includes 3CDs packed with fully remastered versions and edits of existing releases, promos and never-before released tracks. Included in the package is a 24 page full-colour booklet with an introduction written by frontman Bob and edited by the legendary Mick Mercer. It also includes a foldout poster and 5 postcards detailed with the imagery that drives the band forward.

There is a physical CD boxset priced at £25 for a limited period, which will rise to £30 afterwards; as well as a download via the NFD Bandcamp site. All orders direct from the band will receive a limited edition metal badge only available with the boxset. Random orders will also receive an art flyer signed by Bob.


The boxset is a must for anyone that has crossed paths with the wonderful family tree of Goth Rock bands Fields of The Nephilim, Sensorium, The Nefilim, Rubicon, and The Eden House. Taking a whiff of amphetamine logic from the salad daze of the early 80’s; where the Gothic movement started in clubs in the North, the wonderfully atmospheric guitar-led sound with tantalizing rhythms that drives you into movement. Like that chap on his mate’s shoulders in Sisters of Mercy’s live VHS Wake recording at the Royal Albert Hall; you just want to throw your arms in the air with abandonment after a half dozen pints of snakebite and black, or maybe if you’re feeling adventurous some Thunderbird wine.

Bob’s ever-present gruff vocal is that proverbial icing on the cake and strangely uplifts. Over the 29 tracks we are gifted the lock stock and barrel of the ‘NFD’ archive and those former Goths living with a mortgage in their “two up two downs” will readily give their hard-earned coin for this classic slice of nostalgia. If only they could get together once again and give us some live shows, if The Mission and Fields Of The Nephilm can still do it so can NFD.

NFD Brief History
The band was formed after Tony Pettitt had left the aborted Fields of the Nephilim reformation in 2002. Together with drummer Simon Rippin (formerly of the Nefilim); guitarists Chris Milden and Stephen Carey, along with vocalist Peter White (formerly of Sensorium) they signed to Jungle Records in 2003. They made their debut with the three-song EP Break The Silence. In October 2004 they released their debut album ‘No Love Lost’, featuring a guest appearance by former Fields of The Nephilim guitarist Peter Yates. A year later, an expanded version of the album with live-tracks was released. The band was then reduced to a core trio of Rippin, White, and Pettitt for their second album “Dead Pool Rising”; which was released in August 2006, while Peter White took over on guitar.


In April 2008 the band released “Deeper Visions”; an enhanced EP with six new tracks, two remixes, and four videos. It was preceded by the single “When the Sun Dies”. Pettitt went on to develop his Eden House project, which included contributions from Rippin and Carey. At this time, Luca Mazzucconi replaced Simon Rippin on drums. NFD released the EP Reformations in September 2013, which was followed by the third album ‘Waking the Dead’ in October 2014. It featured James McIlroy on guitars and Ali De Morgoli on keyboards. This 2014 release was the last of the band’s material to be put out before the announcement of the ‘Requiems From The Abyss’ box set.

Light My Way (Radio Edit)
Return to Dust
Turbine (Nothing Lasts Forever)
Remain In Chains
Black Sun
Break the Silence (Variation)
Now or Never (Radio Edit)
No Love Lost
Lost Souls (Extended)
Keep a Light Shining (Reignited)
Never Let This Die
Got Left Behind
When the Sun Dies
Spiral II (Possession Absolute)
Welcome To My World (Demo)
Control (Demo)
Never Again (Demo)
Embrace the Day (Demo)
Beyond The Veil (Demo)
Lay Some Truth on Me (Demo)
Omen/Unleashed (Live Bootleg)
Descent (Live Bootleg)
One Moment Between Us (Live Bootleg)
Total Rock – Bat Cave DPR Interview 2006 (Outtakes)

NFD are collectively
Peter “Bob” White – Vocals, Guitars, Keys & Programming
Chris Milden – Rhythm Guitars
Luca Mazzucconi – Drums
Simon Rippin – Drums & Programming
Tony Pettitt – Bass
James Mcllroy – Lead Guitar
Peter Yates – Slide Guitar
Stephen Carey – Live Lead Guitar