21 Days

Alternative rockers 21 Days’ self titled EP is a lively album that reflects the energy of the Portsmouth quartet. Formed in 2011, the group consists of Hannah Palmer (Vocals), Dan Taplin (Guitar), Alex Roberts (Bass) and Dominic Smith (Drums).

Perhaps one of the most striking aspects of the band is the dynamic relationship between each musical influence. Citing Flyleaf, Audioslave and Blink-182 as some of their main sources of inspiration, the album consists of an intriguing mix of songs that culminate in an impressive debut effort. For example, the guitar chugging in Better Than This reeks (beautifully) of early Green Day. Some of the guitar hooks and emotionally touching vocals in Scrumpy would not be out of place on a Social Distortion album. Bravo.

What makes the album stand out is the professional song construction; although coming from a range of musical influences, the band do a good job in compiling this into something that is fresh and exciting. Pay close attention to the intro of the first track Silence to get a strong flavour of this.

21 Days

The rhythm section is tight, with a few drum and bass elaborations spread modestly through the album. Mainly rhythm focused, the guitar is helps to hold everything together. We see a few variations from the classic 5th chord thrash that characterises punk rock. Vocals are delicate but melodic, and fit the style well. Perhaps a little bit watery in places, we see a small number of head turning vocal parts that show some real vocal power, but there are a touch rare in the EP.

It’s perhaps fair to say 21 Days are rough around the edges. The parts where the guitar breaks the power chord mould sound fantastic, and could perhaps be more prevalent in the music. In addition, vocals do seem to fade into the background in places. The one slow song, Downfall, arguably fails as the slow and melodic song, coming across as more lethargic than anything else.

However, this band shows an incredible amount of promise, the EP really is incredibly fun. Recommended for everyone, essential for punk rock fans. There is something about 21 Days that reflects some of the best. In time and with a lot of hard work, they have potential to be masters of the craft.

The EP is available now on their Bandcamp page, at “name your price”.


Better Than This


Words by Stephen Jones.