If you’ve been lucky enough to see the likes of 30 Seconds To Mars and My Chemical Romance in recent years, you’ve probably come across Derby three piece, LostAlone. This power house of a rock band has graced the stages of some of the best venues you can think of, thanks to their ability to support the stars of the music world. After recently supporting InMe on their latest UK tour, I saw them dazzle the Crow’s Nest at Weymouth Pavilion with songs from this album, but I was intrigued to hear how it would sound on the record.

From opener “Obey The Rules You Lose”, you can sense that this album is not here to seem brave and elusive, but wants to take you for the ride of your life with no seat belt on. The surprising factor to this album has to be the occasional glimmer of killer harmonies similar to those of Queen’s classic track “Killer Queen”. The references to well known elements don’t stop there, as slower ballad “Orchestra Of Breathing” draws to a close with Gerard Way-esque vocal work (aka the long note to end “Black Parade”). Despite the glossy, up tempo feel to this record, there are moments where this album sees its darker moments, with penultimate track “Do You Get What You Pray For?” stacking up the heavier factors to their genre and acting as the “mudding up” on your pretentious new trainers. Despite their heavier elements shining through, you can’t help but love the catchy factors of their sound with “Love Will Eat You Alive” burning brightly and standing out as the most commercially viable track on the record.


The nature of this hook laden album means that you’re never left searching for a song fragment to latch onto, with constant fluctuating elements driving the passion and spirit of their songs into overdrive. This album may not be considered a classic in years to come, but it proves that LostAlone are ready to slide away from their seemingly never ending title of “set to be something”. It also may just be the best sophomore you hear this year.

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Track Listing
1. Obey The Rules You Lose
2. Love Will Eat You Alive
3. Paradox On Earth
4. UFOria (The Dark)
5. Vesuvius
6. Creatures
7. Orchestra Of Breathing
8. Put Pain To Paper
9. Do You Get What You Pray For?
10. We Are The Archaeology Of The Futures Past

Words by George Fullerton.