Hollywood Trash

I’ve been awaiting the release of “Sordid and Immoral” EP with interest as I’ve not seen the band since the recruitment of new girl on vox, Adrienne Cowan. Female vocals are always a worry to me as sometimes they can be the weak link, too thin for a rock band. Well hell, any worries on that score are blown out of the park by Miss Cowan’s opening salvo on “Mr Rock & Roll”.

She sites Joan Jett as an influence and Iíd say sheís pretty spot on, this is The Runaways on steroids, a proper head banging opener, and live will bring punters from the bar like bees to a honey pot.

Hollywood Trash

“Sordid and Immoral” opens with a truly dirty riff from guitarist Marty MayhÎm with pile driving rhythm from Jake Turl on bass and Ali Williams on drums. It has a chorus that is going to have audiences rocking out and punching the air, I canít wait to see it performed live. This is not your shiny, girly glam rock this is one hard assed, sleazy, punk metal band, which has a certain irony considering.

The final studio track on the EP, “Honk if you’re Horny”, reveals Adrienne to possibly be Kim Wildeís secret love child, stunning, rich, adenoidal vocals on this funky, punky party pleaser. It’s always a good sign when a song sticks in your head and there are 3 potential earworms on this EP. And just to prove that this is not a studio band there are a couple of live tracks, “Back for More” and “Diamond in your Eyes” which are dirty as all get out.

Hollywood Trash

I’ve been around glam and sleaze since its beginnings in the early 80’s and this band stands alongside those with no problem, the production by Rev-The Howling (ex. Towers of London and The Prodigy) is fat and meaty and serves the songs well. If Hollywood Trash can produce a full album of songs of this quality they may well deliver one of those every now and then stonking debut albums. And just in case, I’d like to put it on record, I reviewed them first!!

Sordid and Immoral is released on 15th March
Sordid and Immoral launch gig Friday 15th March Talking Heads Southampton.

Hollywood Trash

Hollywood Trash are
Adrienne Cowan- Vocals
Marty Mayhem – Guitar
Jake Turl – Bass
Ali Williams ñ Drums

Track Listing
Mr Rock & Roll
Sordid and Immoral
Honk if your Horny
Back for More (live)
Diamond in your Eyes (live)

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Words By Helen Bradley Owers.

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