The Sex Toys

Coming from Belgium we have “The SexToys” with their own brand of infectious punk rock, who have a 10 track album, and 5 track EP available for purchase or streaming on Bandcamp.

The EP was released last year, and opens with “Inthroat” and features some nifty bass work, along with some quite bouncy, and infectious rhythms. Not to mention the vocals, which just seem to hit that “right” spot.

After the intro “Inthroat” the real fun starts. “No Shame No Game” opens to a fast tempo, and some fast and furious drumming. As the EP progresses you get the feel there might be some other influences going on, perhaps a little pirate or hoedown, a little reggae, only the faintest hints here and there, along with more modern punk-pop sensibilities, and a heavy dose of attitude. The EP is catchy, and worth a listen, if you get the chance check them out live;

Jun 28 Punks Not Dead Birmingham
Jun 29 The Zombie Hut Corby
Jun 30 The Birdsnest London

The sun is starting win out over the grey skies, and this is just the EP to kickstart the Spring!

Check out the EP here.

Line Up
VH en Sander

No Shame No Game
Pörno King
Danny OD
Not So Much of A Band


Words by Jon.

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