Coming out of Liverpool are “Pedestals” with their new EP “Especially Average”.

Well it is a dreary and very soggy morning as I write this. Playing the new EP released end of last month by The Pedestals has certainly livened up proceedings! With its Pop/Punk attitude, it opens with “Into” which is a short but great intro to their pop/punk sound, with great vocals. While “The One After Vegas” ups the ante with some strong guitar work and fast paced rhythm. There has been some time spent ensuring that they have perfected their sound.

“Hours & Minutes” has a solid feel and shows that these guys have what it takes. The track although packing a punch, has a more laid back feel to it, upping proceedings while retaining the vibe. Closing with “I’m On My Own Now And It Feels Great” has a great understated power feel to it, almost uplifting! Possibly the best track on the album

“Especially Average” has that American pop-punk feel, and has been described as having the feel of a Californian band by Punktastic. It certainly does, and my question is do they have what it takes to punch a distinctive hole in a popular genre?

The EP is a great day brightener, especially as the winds are slowly building. and the temperature is dropping. There is no question that these guys know what they are doing, and that they have the ability to succeed and push forward. However, it falls a little short. It just needs that spark to set it off, perhaps a little too average. Nonetheless, these could be ones to watch!

The One After Vegas
Hours & Minutes
I’m On My Own Now And It Feels Great


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