EK Decay

To this reviewer’s knowledge only two great bands have come out of East Kilbride – JAMC and now EK Decay (not to be confused with UK Decay)!

When I heard this EP in full for the first time it reminded me of Rebellion Festival two months back! This is a band spawned from the ashes of other bands and has a rich history. The EP opens strongly with a political swipe if ever I’ve heard one. It begins with an air raid siren, then the bass drum kicks in-literally! Dave (Midi) vox has a snarly, angry vocal delivery not unlike Gary Buckley (The Terraces). There’s real anger and spite in his lyrics and you get the feeling he means it! The guitars and heavy bass then kick in behind Midi’s confident vocal. He takes a swipe at government and politician corruption, hence the title. The song ends on a high too with a dig at the banking system, no-one is spared here! “The Biggest Lie” has a real 80’s Post/Punk feel to it with some sharp guitar work and the overriding brooding sound of the bass. The vocal is less angry this time, more considered.

EK Decay

The drums are confident and there’s a great middle 8 in there. “Suicide Rock” reminds this reviewer of ’91 era Manics, particularly in the vocals. It’s not an easy subject to be singing about but somehow they manage it with ease. More great guitar parts and some heavy bass contribute to this cracking little number. Like all great Punk bands EK Decay make good use of samples which is how this song begins and ends. “The Pain” reminds me of Indie under-achievers Adorable, particularly in the intro. More great bass from Rab (Sickboy) and a confident vocal once again. It’s hardly music to pogo to and they wont be starting any moshpits with this EP!

However, as a starting point for EK Decay to your average Punk this is really rather good. It would’ve been so easy to just bang out four thrashy Punk tunes and tag on an unintelligable vocal, but these guys clearly have a vision for their sound. If this is for starters then the future’s bright.

Biggest Lie
Suicide Rock
The Pain

Band members
David Middleton – Vocals
Rab Newell – Bass
John Hunter – Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
Scott Dawson – Drums


Band Link

By Ross “Have you seen the size of my new extention” Ferrone

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