Recently, well the last quarter of 2014, London based Electro/Goths Cryogenica released their 3rd album “From The Shadows” and recently passed on a copy for our perusal.

With heavy doses of synth and fuzzed-up guitar you know what you are in for when the opening track starts up with a sound that drives at you with its persistence. Now this is not noise, or the Industrial workings that you get from other bands; this possesses a stronger sense of being and coherence. But what keeps everything in check while the rhythm persists at your subconscious is Carina’s brooding vocals that bring a steady and almost unnerving quality, that at times is simply just calming.

As the second track kicks in you can’t help but think of Killing Joke’s “Pandemonium” album as potential inspiration (well it was mastered by Reza Udhin). Driven by a careful balance of the distorted guitars and synths a common vibe permeates throughout each track. With the distorted guitars and familiar rhythms, you cannot help but feel that there is room for a lot more variety from them. This is especially true with ‘Self-Made Man’, which breaks the mould set by the first four tracks. The guitars take on a stronger stance, and there is a subtle change to the vocal delivery, not to mention pace of the track- and this pace is slowed even further for ‘The Choice’.


Amusingly, “Sanitorium” lyrically, seems to be a nod towards “older school” Goth, albeit packaged up in more modern trappings.

There are times when the tracks seem to be cramming in too much, and might come across as muddled and noisy; but on the other hand there is no denying the skill and ability the band have. When playing the album there are phrases and moments that appear and coerce you; and before you know it, your foot is tapping away to the rhythm while the melody has you hooked!

With a string of accolades behind them, not to mention having shared the stage with some bigger names; they are certainly making a great name for themselves and have been favourites in the underground Goth scene. This should tick the boxes for fans of Goth/Rock and Electro/Goth, and is well worth a listen.

Line Up
Carina – Vocals and Keys
Jon – Guitar, vocals, keyboards, samples, and loops
Scott – Guitar

Track Listing
Something Said
No Regrets
To The Sky
Self-Made Man
The Choice
Lord Of The Flies
The Preacher


Words by Jon.

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