Being released very soon, comes Fable from Electro/Tribal/Industrial outfit iVardensphere.

This album continues their tribal theme, with some pounding beats; coupled with some interesting soundscapes. Opening with “Million Year Echo” you are subjected to what could be perceived to be an electronic echo from the universe; coupled with synthetic distortion come noise, as well as a choral backdrop. This all takes a slight step backwards as a spoken piece on the war between Heaven and Hell, Good and Bad takes centre stage.

After this there is the heavy solid beat of “Stygian” fused with the sound of distorted guitars as the rough vocals push through the distortion. While the “Woodsman and the Serpent” take on a more dance vibe; offset by the female vocals, giving a hint of rhythm to the percussion led soundscape. While “A Tale of Two Wolves” ups the tempo, with a more dance orientated track, and although still percussion led this comes across as more standard EBM with it’s harsh beats and bass drops. This could prove to be a club favourite.

“Black Lodge” comprises of a person giving a speech or lecture, while distorted electronics slowly coalesce around your ears forming a beat. This is soon accompanied by spoken vocals, with a delivery akin to Laibach; although slightly more passion/aggression. “Papa Legba” is more drum-led and does conjure up the thought of something nefarious happening deep in the dark reaches of the Bayou, as a groaning sound gently overlays the almost hypnotic drumming. From the Voodoo of “Papa Legba” comes “It Is As Blackness Is” iwith a return to a more dance orientated sound, as with ‘A Tale Of Two Wolves’, but this seems more stripped back and a little more repetitive. What makes this stand out is the reading from H.P. Lovecraft, and considering the passage chosen, it conceptually ties in with “Papa Legba” at a certain level.

At a completely different angle to what came before is “Disir”, a completely stripped back and vocal track as Nymm’s vocal flows gently out of the speakers. Note, when I say vocals this is more of a soundscape with the vocal sounds layered, and at times accompanied by quiet bird song. Whereas ‘Messiah’ brings back some of the synths, and has more of an SPK flavour (think ‘Songs of Byzantine Flowers’) as the Eastern chanting is accompanied by a more tribal sound to the percussion. This flowers into a spoken vocal delivery, harking back to an ancient time. It ends with some distorted sounds (voices?), and flows into “Terra Sapian” and picks up the tempo again.

“The Girl Without Hands” is a slower number with spoken words, again stripping away the dance and harsher elements, relying more on atmosphere and the words used. And yet it is offset by the slightly more abrasive “Yesterday’s Giants” (the Nephilim? Gods of a millennium past? Corporate giants?). Closing the album is “Poseidon”, opening with a simple rhythmic backdrop it gently opens up to a piano piece, while a dark soundscape flows around in the background. Around halfway the drumbeat starts to kick in; not in an EBM way, but more in as a heavy presence as the tempo starts to pick up. Again, on the service a simple track; but the more you listen the more the various layers start to make themselves known.


Throughout the album, be it with the bass drops and warbles; the EBM beats, or the more simple and beautiful soundscapes; there is something primitive going on. Permeating the album, be it the hint towards Elder Gods, a Messiah, or simply the tribal rhythms underpinning everything; this primitive nature is captured by the industrial mindset that delivers it.

This is a mixed album though, and while the Dance and EBM and tribal aspects will appeal to one group, will the more gentle soundscapes appeal to the same group? And vice-versa. I thoroughly enjoyed the album, and despite this dichotomy the tracks do flow together although I am not sure it is something that would be played as a single cohesive whole. Fancy some beats and energy? Play ‘Stygian’, “A Tale of Two Wolves”? Fancy something laid back, more of a soundscape or journey? Try “Disir”, or “Messiah”? Perhaps bridge them with “It Is As Darkness Is”. However you interpret the album it has many layers that need to be peeled back and listened to. The layering of sounds, ideas, and with care and attention to detail the album comes across as well produced and carefully thought out – not to mention the fact it is a long album with which to carry off all these elements and still remain consistent with the quality.

Line Up
Scott Fox – Electronics/Drums
Jamie Blacker – Electronics/Drums/Vocals
Yann Faussurier – Electronics
Sean Malley – Drums
Chuck Murphy – Drums/Vocals

Track Listing
Million Year Echo
The Woodsman and the Serpent
Tribes of Moth (feat. Mari Kattman)
A Tale of Two Wolves
Black Lodge
Papa Legba
It Is as Blackness Is
Disir (feat. Nymm)
Messiah (feat. Mari Kattman)
Terra Sapian
The Girl Without Hands
Yesterday’s Giant
Poseidon (feat. Brittany Bindrim)


Words by Jon.

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