The Darwins

Dorset trio The Darwins formed in 2013 with the intention of purely creating solely original music. They soon released their debut album “Written in Black and White” and more recently have released a song called “Burn”, which was an anti-war song released in response to the bombing of Syria. The band prides itself on the fact they have never played or even rehearsed a cover song, which with the demanding audiences of today is no mean feat. All the songs are written by lead singer Neil Duncan-Jordan and arranged by the three of them.

The band have many inspirations but it’s hard to pinpoint these exactly from their music. It is a pleasant combination of pop, soul, jazz and folk with many surprising twists. The band played over 60 gigs last year including many Summer festivals, where their chilled style of music is thoroughly suited. If you can imagine sitting in a grassy field somewhere in the middle of Dorset, with a cider in your hand and the sun shining…..that is exactly the vibe I get from this band.

The band have just released a new EP recorded at Basement Studios in Wimborne, which includes three songs that have been regulars in the bandís live set during the last year. The recording of the EP introduces the 3 strong “Evolutionary Brass Section” and some additional backing vocals from Helen Duncan-Jordan. It was mainly recorded live with minimal overdubs added afterwards and was engineered/mastered by their friend Sean Hatton.

The Darwins

The EP opens with “Following Cervantes” which starts with some infectious brass to get your foot tapping. The three guys then join in with some upbeat double bass, jazz style drumming and Neil’s softly sung vocals. The songwriting may well give a nod to University days while studying novelist, poet and playwright Miguel de Cervantes. Track two “I Saw the Scarecrow Dance” starts off with a danceable waltz and moves into some intricate, acoustic guitar work. The beautiful combination of Neil’s and Helen’s vocals work so well together on this.

The EP closer is a track called “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants” which brings in some welcome additional piano and strings to The Darwins mix. They don’t pull away from their chilled out vibe, but this tune features a lot more depth to it and is quite possibly my favourite of this collection. The Darwins are a band I unexpectedly stumbled upon while having a coffee in Wimborne Square and there they were on a bright spring day busking in front of me. A discovery I am very thankful for as they bring something to my music collection that was missing previously.

Track Listing
Following Cervantes
I Saw the Scarecrow Dance
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

The Darwins are
Paul Williams (Drums)
Geoff Higginson (Bass)
Neil Duncan-Jordan (Guitars/Vocals)

Evolutionary Brass Section
Jan Boler – Trumpet
Mike Hopkins – Tenor Sax
Julian Whitehead – Trombone

Helen Duncan-Jordan – Backing Vocals


Tel: 07432-575251

Words by David Chinery.

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