Lady Jane's Revenge

All the way down South; Cornwall to be precise, comes Lady Jane’s Revenge with their crushing debut “1554”. Opening with an atmospheric thunderstorm; followed by a bell ringing out, it is not long before Billy’s uncompromising vocals hit you. Moving from shouted to clean the energy of “Floodgates” hits you, getting you ready for what the EP has to offer.

The energy is cranked up with “The Kid Within”, as the track soars and crescendos with a guitar solo noodling away as the track draws to a close. Making way for “Carbon” a darker opening to the track as the bass gnaws away at you; the track is a slower affair as the vocal delivery whilst still edgy, is more considered. On first listen you are just waiting for it to open up. And when it does; it’s not the chaotic eruption you might expect, but a more considered outburst.

“Next Tuesday” hits you next, a gentler track as Billy questions the listener? You cannot help but feel the control the band are putting in to stop this track exploding into a ball of energy. The relaxed, almost melancholy sound continues with “Sunny Side Up”.

Following is the track “PMA”, another slow opener with gentler acoustic guitar work. The tracks open as a laid back number showing the dynamic capabilities these guys possess.

Lady Jane's Revenge

These alt-rockers have a very strong debut here; albeit slightly bi-polar, but it is one that should see them in good stead – especially if their next offering is as strong. It ticks a number of boxes, but maintains a sense of identity to keep it from fading into the background. One to watch!

“1554” was released on the 26th February.

Making of…

Line Up
Billy Crook – Vocals
Sam Kent – Guitar
James Coffey – Bass
Ash Jenkin – Drums


Words by Jon.

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