Kicking and screaming out of Sydney Australia come young Punk Rockers Plants. Hardly a name that will envision thoughts of gob-fuelled, sweat-stained Punk Rock; but on listening to their humorous new EP one might just change that opinion. So the story goes that the guys were tracking in the studio when an unsuspecting cleaner comes in to vacuum the room. Oblivious to the band she carries on her duties until a band member calls a halt to her chores and explains they are still working – hence the affectionate title of this EP. And ironically the shenanigans are here for all to hear on track one.

“Stoned At Breakfast” opens with a Queens Of The Stone Age guitar-driven vibe and the comedic line “he’s a stoner with a boner”. It’s a catchy lyric that forms the main part of the song, which explodes into life beyond that lyrical affirmation. Snare-heavy hitting, lyrics that won’t be forgotten in a hurry and flabby guitar chords that scratch their way throughout. There’s also bass subtlety in the background before a strong exit.


“Friend” takes a more Ska/Punk direction, with a scratchier guitar; vocal layering, rat-a-tat hitting and storytelling lyrics. It’s a real skank friendly, mosh pit frenzy song if ever I’ve heard one. “Ripped My Banjo String” – for those not in the know, google it. One can’t listen to a song with a subject matter such as this, without instantly grabbing their old fella! Just the thought is enough!! Quite a departure from UK82 Revivalists “Five Go Mad’s” song of a similar subtext “However”, the sentiment remains the same with its ferocious intro and onslaught throughout. A tale of breaking one’s “Banjo String”, it’s humorous (if a tad puerile) but I guess the band have fun performing the song live.

“Say It To My Face” is a classic “fuck you” song to an ex. Lyrically pulling no punches while employing the best of Aussie humour. Snare-heavy hitting, allied to a subtle bass and that potent yet honest vocal I’m reminded of London ’77 punks Menace and their blunt offering “So Fuck You”. And the humour remains throughout, right up to its conclusion. ‘Cunts Fucked’ and the cussing quota continues on this humorous follow-up. Ok, so let’s not pretend here – this is your classic end of set swear fest, delivered at breakneck speed. I’m guessing it’s a drinking song, or about being drunk? It has all the hallmarks of 80’s Anarcho Punk replacing it with Aussie humour. And at just 1 min 40 it’s short and sweet.

And from drinking we progress to getting high with “High On The Weekend”. Another humorous memory-bank song – part Ska/Punk, part Surf/Punk. The drummer is the star of the show here in what is a great end to this seven-song EP.

Ok so there’s nothing here one won’t have heard before, but for a bunch of friends taking a few early steps into the industry, it ticks most boxes. Where I come from an EP is usually a four-track affair and I’m wondering if they might’ve held back two of the songs and dispensed with the opener? That said this is a confident debut – I just feel to make ‘the next step’ a name change might be in order. One needs to stand out in a crowded market, but for now, Plants have enough about them to see them grow! I wish them well.


Track Listing
Vacuumed Half To Death
Stoned At Breakfast
Ripped My Banjo String
Say It To My Face
Cunts Fucked
High On The Weekend


Review by Ross A. Ferrone.


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